Momentum for E15 waiver picked up steam within past 2 weeks

A leader on biofuels policy in Congress says momentum for an E15 summertime waiver really began to build two weeks ago.

Minnesota Democrat Angie Craig tells Brownfield House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked for ideas on how to lower fuel prices.

“And this was one of the ideas that we put forward (and) I put it forward. I bet I’ve talked to more Democrats in the last two weeks about what the heck ethanol is and E15 across the Midwest and the infrastructure we need to build out.”

Craig credits House leadership for pushing the administration toward allowing E15 sales this summer.

“Speaker Pelosi, I’m going to just say, I’ve heard her say the word ‘ethanol and E15’ more in the last two weeks than I have in the last three years serving in Congress.”

Craig is a member of the House Biofuels Caucus and has introduced legislation to ensure year-round E15 and expand production and availability of American biofuels.

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