Nebraska farmer enters shrimp market to diversify operation

A sixth-generation producer is breaking into a niche market in the heart of the western Corn Belt. 

“One thing about my shrimp is that I sell it with the head on, which is weird for some people,” says Grant Jones who lives near the Southwestern Nebraska town of Benkelman.

He says he’s been producing shrimp for over a year. “So far it’s been crazy.  I have done like zero advertising and the phone seems to ring all the time especially the spring, summer and fall maybe gets a little slow in the winter.  Everybody wants to come tour and buy shrimp.”

He tells Brownfield he gets post-larval shrimp from Texas, and it spends 3-4 weeks in a nursery tank. “From there I move them out into a grow out tank.  I’ve got eight of those.  I have two going every month so I can have a continuously supply of shrimp.”

Jones says he produces about 100 pounds of shrimp per month and is hoping that improves as demand increases. “Ninety-five percent is a phone call, text.  They get a hold of us through Facebook on our page through messenger and just ask if they can get some shrimp and I just kind of schedule out people that way.”

Jones says he sells some of his shrimp to a grocery store in the nearby town of Imperial outside of his direct-to-consumer business.

Grant Jones:

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