Reduce field compaction with a traffic control plan

The Ohio state soil scientist says a traffic control plan can reduce yield loss from compaction. Steve Baker is with the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

“The more you can get on a similar spacing, the better off you’ll be and kind of be thinking about your lines through the field. Some of the research I’ve seen shows up to 80 percent of your field can be tracked up if you’re not really thinking about what you’re up to” says Baker.

He tells Brownfield compaction can lower the amount of water and nutrients reaching the crops.

“The water and associated nutrients cannot get into the soil as easily and they may move to a different part of the field so that’s why you’ll see hot spots with more growth here and less over there” says Baker.

Baker says building up a field’s organic matter through cover crops can also help to reduce compaction and limit yield loss. Brownfield spoke with Baker at the Conservation Tillage Breakfast Series in Hardin County.

Audio: Steve Baker, Ohio state soil scientist, NRCS-OH

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