Scars of #plant19 becoming visible

A sales rep for crop protection company Valent says the scars of a challenging spring are now visible across southern Minnesota.

Trevor Dale works primarily with growers in the south-central and southwest region of the state.

“You can sure tell driving around that (farmers) have just been faced with adversity after adversity. Way too much moisture nearly everywhere you go.”

He tells Brownfield a lot of crops took another beating recently.

“Now there’s things with hail storms and high straight-line winds snapping corn, and everything else. It’s been another major struggle of a year for them.”

Dale says while the toll of adverse weather is evident in many corn and soybean fields, it appears weeds like waterhemp can grow in any conditions.  Because of that, he says weed control has been really hit-and-miss this year.

Brownfield spoke to Dale at the Ag Phd Field Day near Sioux Falls, South Dakota Wednesday.

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