Stine agronomist urges patience

A Stine Seed agronomist is advising corn growers to let their soils warm up and dry out some before planting.

Mike Smith says planting corn into cool, wet soils can result in problems that last all summer long.

“There are several things that can occur,” Smith says. “Sidewall compaction—we can get nutrients being stuck in one zone in the soil—we call that nutrient stratification or soil stratification. And then, obviously, any kind of chilling that the seed might go through.”

Smith says if planting into cool, wet soils is a last resort, the corn may need an extra boost.

“It may need a little bit of extra fertility with the cool soils to get it started,” he says. “So make sure we have some pre-plant fertility in place. Make sure we have a good startup fertilizer—a good pop-up fertilizer.”

Smith says it’s too early to start changing hybrid maturities. He urges growers to stick with the optimum maturity window for their region.

AUDIO: Mike Smith

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