The Renewable Fuel Standard comment period deadline is approaching

Clean Fuels Alliance America is encouraging its members to submit comments on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Renewable Fuel Standard volumes by the Feb. 10 deadline.

Clean Fuels Vice President of Federal Affairs Kurt Kovarik says the proposal is below existing biomass-based diesel production and ignores the industry’s investments in new capacity.  

“We would love it if people feel compelled to go to our website,,” he says. “We have a Fueling Action Center where people can fill out their name and address and send a letter to the EPA telling the agency the renewable volume obligations proposed do not do what the law intended—drive the market, provide certainty, and build out low-carbon biofuels.”

He tells Brownfield Midwestern farmers who could benefit from new soybean crush facilities should also contact the EPA.

“If you’re near one of these announcements of a soybean crush facility and recognize the value add that’s going to offer to you as either a soybean farmer or a member of the community, those investments are going to be put at risk if EPA continues forward on this path of a three-year proposal that greatly undercounts the capacity and our ability to produce biomass-based diesel,” he says.

Kovarik is hopeful the final rule will be more favorable to the industry.

“We’ve had some good conversations with the EPA already and we’ll continue those. We’re hoping to get the support of the USDA and Ag Secretary Vilsack. We have a lot of support on Capitol Hill. We have a lot of members wanting to raise their concerns and we’ll help them do that,” he says. “As a result of this conference we’ll hopefully energize our constituency to get engaged and share concerns with EPA and give the agency the opportunity to course-correct before the final rule at the beginning of June.”

Audio: Kurt Kovarik

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