Turkey Federation 20 by 2020 campaign


The National Turkey Federation is encouraging people to eat more turkey through a campaign launched earlier this year.

Minnesota Turkey Growers Association executive director Steve Olson says the Federation is leading an initiative called “20 by 2020,” aimed at raising annual turkey consumption from 16 to 20 pounds per person within the next three years.

He tells Brownfield the key message to consumers is turkey is a great choice year round.

“About 30 percent of the turkey gets consumed at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We’ll serve 45 million birds at that time of the year, and 95 percent of all Americans will have turkey at Thanksgiving.  So this is a great holiday for us, but that means 70 percent is consumed at other times of the year.”

There are a variety of products available including whole birds, ground turkey, tenderloins and deli meat.

Olson says the industry is really getting behind the campaign.

“From working with turkey farmers, this is pretty exciting (to them) because it’s something that raises the awareness of what turkey is all about.  I think people understand that turkey is a very healthy product high in protein and low in fat.  But one of the things that we want to make sure people understand is that there are a lot of different ways to use turkey.”

The Turkey Federation’s 20 by 2020 program is using the hashtag #serveturkey and Olson says more information is available online.


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