USB, Goodyear partnership leads to sustainable soy oil commitment

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is committing to use U.S. soybean oil and phase out petroleum-derived oils from its products by 2040.

Soy Checkoff research funding and a partnership with the company led to Goodyear’s sustainable soybean oil procurement policy.  

United Soybean Board farmer-leader Ed Lammers serves as oil target area coordinator.

“We have found that soybean oil has been a great replacement for petroleum oil,” he says. “It’s easier mixing, it has more grip, and it has been very friendly to the environment also.” 

The initial research led to the discovery that soybean oil could improve tire flexibility across temperatures and provide enhanced grip, making it Goodyear’s ideal choice for its all-weather tire line. Goodyear commercialized the innovation in its Assurance WeatherReady consumer tire line in 2017, the Eagle Enforcer All Weather in 2018, Eagle Exhilarate in 2019, and the Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive in 2020. The sustainable soybean oil procurement policy reflects its strong commitment to the responsible sourcing of raw materials.

He tells Brownfield the partnership is good news for soybean growers.

“US farmers are going to be raising soybeans for the long-term future and we just need to continue to find new ways of selling that soybean oil and soybean meal,” he says.

Lammers says it also highlights farmers’ commitment to sustainability.

“We see the need to take care of our land, keep it sustainable, keep it green, and do the right things,” he says.

Goodyear’s Maureen Thune says the policy will help guide the company as it works with processors, farmers, and others to strengthen the sustainability of the global supply chain.

Audio: Ed Lammers

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