Wisconsin bill would assist in repairing washouts, waterways

The Wisconsin State Assembly passed legislation that would help farmers and other landowners repair washouts and restore wetlands, streams, and floodplains.  State Representative Loren Oldenburg of Viroqua told his fellow elected officials the bill is like one offered last year that did not become law. “One of the things different in this bill is the, ah, took the council out of it so it goes right strictly to the DNR to speed the permit process up  here.”

Oldenburg says if passed, the hydrologic restoration legislation would help the Department of Natural Resources issue permits more quickly, “and help do some flood mitigation going forward, get these creeks and these places where they flood a little bit easier, get them back to where they were restored before, so, great bill.”

The amended bill now goes back to the State Senate for consideration.  If passed, the bill would create a hydrologic restoration and management advisory council and would encourage better interagency cooperation on projects.

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