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Alltech means innovation

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is a showcase of innovation and that is something Alltech has always excelled at.

Dan Weiland says their products like Optigen and Sel-Plex are designed to enhance animal health and efficiency. Optigen is their newest product designed to replace some of the more expensive soybean meal as a protein source in the ruminant ration. “It has really become popular as guys are looking for ways to save costs right now.”

Along with products, Alltech looks at what services they can offer to help farmers be successful. Tom Lorenzen is an electrician by trade but joined Alltech a few years ago to work with the Dairy Workers Program, “to look at the non-nutritional things on a dairy farm.”

Lorenzen says they conduct an on-the-farm audit of a dairy operation looking at three key areas; the milking routine of the people, the milking equipment and cow comfort. He says they have been able to find different things that do not cost a lot of money to change but can make a big difference in the milk tank. For example, he says positioning of the neck rail can make a huge difference in cow comfort, are the cows moved into the milking parlor smoothly and efficiently and is there good communication among the milkers.

Weiland and Lorenzen talk about their products and services 9:30

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