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WFTD will offer tours for non-farmers

Each year Wisconsin Farm Technology Days tries to attract non-farmers to the show but the reality is, a lot of what is on display is quite foreign to those not involved in agriculture. Last year, Jay Richardson ran, a farmer from Spring Valley ran into just such a situation at Crave Brothers Farm. “A gentleman walked up to me and asked what is that piece of equipment? I explained what it was and he was tickled to death, it was just like I made his day by taking 30 seconds to explain something to him.” But that got Richardson thinking and so this year he and a group of farmers from around the state and Minnesota will offer “courtesy tours” of tent city to the non-farm attendees

The tours are free, they will be set up in the Applied Technologies tent, all they have to do is walk up and once they have eight to twelve people, they’ll do a tour. Richardson says the ultimate goal is to build relationships between farmers and non-farmers.

AUDIO: Jay Richardson talks about the tours

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