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Mythbusting the use of mRNA vaccines in cattle

There have been claims circulating social media that mRNA vaccines are being used in cattle and could end up in the food supply.

Because we’re talking about the food system and food safety, we brought in an expert to set the record straight.

Kevin Folta a scientist and a professor at the University of Florida says there are currently no vaccines utilized in the cattle industry that utilize mRNA technology.

And while the technology is being researched, he says the vaccine couldn’t get into the food supply.

AUDIO: Healthy Living with Kevin Folta

  • Your link just goes to the law group profile. The American cattleman association has said no mRNA vax exists for cattle. So how it it possible this rancher used them? Was his herd an experiment for their use?

  • Everything I’ve seen has been saying the US isn’t using mRNA in livestock, but what about other areas? Doesn’t much of our meat come from other countries? Or, in some instances, meat is raised in the US, then sent elsewhere for processing?

  • I have seen the outcome for humans using mRNA ‘$cience’ speed and there are now millions around the world who can testify on that. So yes we want no mRNA based “medication” of any sort in our food. Food created by nature and perfected by millions of years of evolution. Why some only-for-profit scientist$ with a hundred years or so of Academia funded by corporations think they can outperform nature and its very perfect mix & match DNA interactions? Shareholders profit in top of safety that is the only reason. Not in my plate thanks!

  • If the mRNA vaccines are used in livestock and have positive benefits for both livestock and consumers then they would be proudly labeled as so, if unknown, a potential danger risk or known to transfer over to the consumer then the industry would wish to stand against the labeling of mRNA vaccine treated livestock. So, which reaction to labeling is the industry taking?

  • If this is true, I’m very much relieved. Seeing how the mRNA vaccines have affected many people, I certainly don’t want it in my food. However. I’m not convinced there is no mRNA vaccines for cattle. If that’s the case, why is there legislation in Tennessee dealing with the labeling and sale of livestock carcasses containing mRNA vaccines? Check out Tennessee’s 113th General Assembly, HB 0299, SB0099, HB0842 and SB 0369. is this “just in case” legislation?

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