2023 poultry hatchery numbers mixed

2023 U.S. hatchery numbers were mixed.

The USDA says broiler type chicks hatched and placements of those chicks into meat production were both down 1% from 2022 at 9.93 billion and 9.68 billion head, respectively.

There is the potential for some expansion this year as intended pullet placements for future domestic hatchery supply flocks climbed 5% to 103 million head.

The number of egg-type chicks was up 2% on the year at 638 million head, but intended placements were 2% lower to 2.71 million head, indicating at least some contraction.

Turkey poults hatched declined 1% to 271 million, while net placements for meat production were slightly lower than the previous year at 253 million head.

The capacity of chicken hatcheries at the start of 2024 was 1% larger than at the start of 2023, while turkey capacity was 2% smaller.

The USDA’s next round of annual poultry production projections is out April 11th.

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