Using underutilized meat cuts helps strengthen South American industry

The US Meat Export Federation is working with South American countries to help strengthen their meat industry by using US-raised beef and pork.

Sebastian Gre, a chef from Chile with USMEF, says it is difficult for his country to produce and sell high-quality meat. “Because right now in South America, we have a lot of competition coming from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.”

He tells Brownfield using underutilized cuts like the beef round or knuckle helps add value to their product and boost consumer demand. “How to treat that product, how to use that product in their processing plant, how all the things that affect the transit and how to use the product for them to have a better outcome for that product.”

And, Gre says, that may provide new ideas for US processors. “This is something that can open their minds to new ideas and be more competitive.”

The seminar at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in conjunction with USMEF, is hosting chefs, processors and buyers from several South American countries.

Gre says the seminar is also an opportunity to showcase how to cook and prepare these cuts.

Sebastian Gre with USMEF:

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