Act would allow cross state sales of state-inspected meat

A bipartisan act would allow normal retail quantities of state-inspected meat to be sold across state lines via online sales.

The Direct Interstate Retail Exemption for Certain Transactions Act of 2021 would amend the retail exemption under the Federal Meat Inspection Act and Poultry Products Inspection Act. Normal retail quantities include 300 pounds of beef, 100 pounds of pork and 27.5 ponds of lamb.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says the act would create new opportunities for cattle producers and processors to market beef.  The act, proposed by U.S. Representatives Dusty Johnson of South Dakota and Henry Cuellar of Texas, would allow Cooperative Interstate Shipping Program states to ship and label meat products as they are currently.

CIS states include Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.

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