ASA’s policy priorities include strengthening crop insurance, trade programs in ’23 Farm Bill

Protecting crop insurance and enhancing trade market programs are front and center of farm bill discussions.

American Soybean Association delegates made the 2023 legislation their top policy priority and Vice President Josh Gackle, a farmer from North Dakota, says risk management tools need to be strengthened. “To make sure that our farms are successful, sustainable and survive for the long term. Whether that’s crop insurance, disaster program payments, other farm programs or even conservation issues and those things we can do on our farm to make us more sustainable long term.”

Executive Director for Government Affairs Christy Seyfert says funding for programs that expand trade, like Foreign Market Development and the Market Access Program, should be doubled. “Programs can help us and help our sister organization in trade do more to promote soybeans overseas and that can change in any given year.”

ASA says they will continue to lobby for the 2023 Farm Bill to be reauthorized on time and believe there could be an increase in baseline funding to help strengthen several programs.

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