Baldwin’s wolf bill gets mixed reactions

New legislation has been introduced in the U.S. Senate that would remove the wolf from the endangered species list.

Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Northern Great Lakes Wolf Recovery Act would develop a regional-specific plan to delist the gray wolf in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  The legislation would create an advisory committee comprised of members representing agriculture, Native and Tribal communities, heads of impacted-state agencies, and wolf management experts and scientists to create the final delisting rule for the region.

The bill has the support of the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association and Wisconsin Farmers Union but does not have support from Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany, who says the bill doesn’t solve the wolf problem. “I thought there were two shortcomings to it. One, it’s just for the upper Midwest and doesn’t include the rest of the country. Other states have this same problem. And the second thing is it allows for judicial review, which to me, that’s the way we all know is judicial review is the way they re-list the wolf.”

In a statement, Senator Baldwin says her legislation will allow our agriculture, Tribal, scientific, and impacted communities to come together to create a wolf delisting solution that works.

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