Beef producers seek 14-day delivery mandate

The head of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association says they are continuing to push for market reform, mandating cattle are delivered within 14 days of a negotiated cash price.

Matt Deppe tells Brownfield, “We want to make sure that once we make a deal – text, written, verbal, those types of things – that they do get delivered and harvested on time,” Deppe said. “Because that affects not just our profitability as Midwestern producers, it absolutely affects the market fundamentals nationwide.”

Republican US Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa says his Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act, recently passed out of the Ag Committee, addresses this issue.

Deppe says he’s encouraging cattle producers to engage in grassroots efforts, helping to get their voices heard. “I think certainly the foundational basis here is talk to your legislator regardless of what state you are from,” Deppe said. “From a producer standpoint, we have to weigh in. We are the constituents, we see what we need to work forward on, and we have to weigh in.”

The Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act awaits action before the full Senate.

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