CASE IH: hands-free baling is here

A hay and forage marketing manager with CASE-IH in North America says hands-free guidance for equipment has been widely accepted in agriculture for many years, but it’s been difficult to do with balers until recently.

“The satellite doesn’t know where the bales are at,” Brian Spencer tells Brownfield.

He says new advances in technology will make producing large square hay bales more efficient.

“CASE-IH is using light detection and ranging or LiDar and it’s mounted to the front of the tractor. It senses the position, location and volume of the hay,” he says. “It will steer according to where the hay is, talking to the steering sensors inside the baler for a little more fine-tuning of the steering and also control the speed of the tractor based on the volume of the hay.”

He says producers in the western and central United States have been using the guidance to bale hay and other forages.

Hear more about the technology and a new baler from CASE-IH at the Cattle Industry Convention.

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