CHS expects fertilizer prices to come down in 2022

The nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperative says record high fertilizer prices aren’t likely to stay at these levels for all of 2022.  

Kevin Doyle is the sales manager with CHS. “Depends on commodity a little bit but we do think we’re at the high end of the market, but we will head downhill as we get into midsummer and fall.”

He tells Brownfield the market should correct itself because “What we’re experiencing today, and we say this regularly, this is a once in a lifetime thing. We haven’t seen this before. We do think overtime it will even out and balance out.”

He says natural gas directly influences fertilizer prices on the world stage and fixing that could be a fastest solution. “Really it’s geopolitical.  Most of the natural gas that flows into Europe comes out of Russia and Russia is playing that game a little bit.”

Doyle spoke with Brownfield at the Northeast Nebraska Farm Show.

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