Climate Forward Nutrition coming in 2022

All organic Gerber products starting in 2022 will be carbon neutral as the company works to become fully net-zero by 2035.

Agriculture manager Chris Falak tells Brownfield the company has partnered with several of their multi-generation farm suppliers to benchmark current practices as well as pilot projects.

“Some of these things are cultural that have been going on a long time, we’re just trying to implement them and getting them into a larger commercial scale before moving them out into our entire grower base,” he explains.

On-farm research will focus on crop rotations along with fertility studies with Michigan State University and the Rodale Institute to better understand carbon sequestration and soil health.

Falak says products will be third-party certified for consumers with carbon-neutral lines extending to their natural pouches and glass products as well in 2022.

Gerber plans to reach carbon neutrality through regenerative agricultural practices along with improving packaging, manufacturing and supply chain management, and recipe design, and by investing in offsetting projects.

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