Coalition calls for moratorium on CAFOs in Nebraska

More than 500 chicken barns are being built in eastern Nebraska as part of the Costco/Lincoln Premium Poultry project.

A coalition of Nebraska groups is calling for a moratorium on concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in the state.

The petition effort is led by Nebraska Communities United (NCU), a group formed in 2015 to oppose the Costco/Lincoln Premium Poultry (LPP) project in eastern Nebraska.  NCU calls the Costco/LPP project “the extreme vertical integration of animal agriculture” and wants a halt to further expansion “until our state and county regulations provide adequate protections for rural communities and farmworkers”.

Nebraska ag groups were quick to respond.  Nebraska Farm Bureau says farmers go through an extensive process to build a new livestock farm and must adhere to numerous local, state and federal regulations.  Farm Bureau says enacting a statewide moratorium to stop new livestock farms “would be the equivalent of halting the growth of rural Nebraska”

The Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska says organizations opposed to livestock “are undercutting the very fabric of Nebraska’s economic foundation”.

More than 500 chicken barns are being built in eastern Nebraska to supply birds to the new Costco/LPP chicken processing plant in Fremont. The barns are built and owned by individual growers who have long-term production contacts with LPP.

The Fremont plant was scheduled to begin operations this week. It will process two million chickens per week when it reaches full production next year.

Other groups supporting the moratorium petition effort are: Community Advocates for Responsible Agriculture, RC Communities United, Elmwood First, Lancaster Hills Alliance, Dodge County Farmers Union, GC Resolve, Nebraskans for Peace, Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light and the Nebraska Sierra Club.

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