Corn Refiners Association discusses ag bioeconomy hopes in the farm bill

The president and CEO of the Corn Refiners Association says the organization would like to see the agriculture bioeconomy addressed in the 2023 Farm Bill.

John Bode says CRA is working with other ag groups to promote development of the ag bioeconomy.  

“There is so much that can be done to expand our rural economy by building out renewables that can be used to build the space of petrochemicals and a broad array of products and do that with a reduced carbon footprint and generally a really positive sustainability story,” he says.

He says including policies in the farm bill that develop the bioeconomy could benefit rural development and the environment.

Corn Refiners Association is a founding member of the Ag Bioeconomy Coalition that aims to advance federal policy initiatives to foster growth in this space.  

According to the coalition, the ag bioeconomy encompasses a range of innovative processes, technologies, and products that can benefit communities, security, and the environment. It is using renewable agricultural commodities as inputs to make chemicals, materials, and products.

As for the timing of 2023 Farm Bill, Bode says he’s hopeful it can be completed in the calendar year.

“I realize that it expires at the end of September, but this is my ninth farm bill and my experience is they tend to drag on past the deadline,” he says. “But, if we can get a farm bill wrapped up this calendar year, that would be a great accomplishment and we really need to get that done. Kicking the can down the road into a presidential election year rarely makes anything better.”

The Corn Refiners Association is the national trade association representing the corn refining industry of the United States. Corn refiners manufacture sweeteners, starch, advanced bioproducts, corn oil and feed products from corn components such as starch, oil, protein and fiber.

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