Coronavirus influence a part of Governor Walz 2020 supplemental budget

Governor Walz has released a supplemental budget proposal that could have a significant impact on Minnesota farmers.

On a call with reporters Thursday morning, Walz said his priorities remain replenishing the state’s rainy-day fund, and passing a bonding bill that reinvests in water and transportation infrastructure.

“At the same time, being sure that we have the resources necessary and capabilities to respond to anything that comes at us. In the situation that we’re in with the current COVID-19 and potential for spring flooding, we think this is a very responsible budget.”

The proposal provides funding to enhance farm and rural mental health support programming, as well as resources to promote farm safety.

Walz was asked during the call about Section 179 conformity, a priority for most farm groups in Minnesota.

“One of the things I’ve said is that we’re not in a budget or a tax year, but I do recognize (the importance of) that one. It’s why I had it in last year. So I’m still listening. If the Legislature comes up with something of a proposal and we’re able to get that there, we are certainly hearing them on it.”

The Governor’s supplemental budget also addresses childcare shortages, another important issue across Greater Minnesota.  Walz recommends increasing Childcare Assistance Program rates to help reduce costs.

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