Coverage for the cost of dumped milk uncertain

A state Farm Bureau President says dairy producers everywhere that are forced to dump milk or cut production need to keep accurate records of everything.  Joe Bragger from Wisconsin tells Brownfield he just spoke to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue about farmers getting paid for dumped milk. “Right now, there’s nothing in place. Some of the co-ops initially here, or processors are saying they might handle the cost of that. There’s some confusion out there, but certainly, right now, USDA does not have anything in place.”

Bragger says the aftermath of COVID-19 is an unprecedented event and having good records might be vitally important later because it is unclear what programs or insurance plans might cover farm losses. “Most insurance companies, when they talk about milk loss, it’s related to something happening that, peril, fire to your barn. That would be a reason why you couldn’t get that milk out. Things like that.”

Bragger says farmers should check to see what insurances and farm programs will cover so they are more prepared for additional supply chain problems. 

Some, including dairy producer Gordon Spiers and Wisconsin Cheese Makers President John Umhoefer told reporters Thursday farmers dumping milk should not endure the cost of lost milk alone, and it should be spread out across the entire dairy industry.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau President Joe Bragger discusses milk dumping and costs with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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