EPA Administrator says he’s committed to biofuels

Congress has called on the Environmental Protection Agency to increase biofuel volumes as it finalizes the latest Renewable Fuels Standard. During his testimony on Wednesday, Administrator Michael Regan told members of the House Ag Committee the EPA set a record for volumes under the RFS in 2022, and he anticipates that the next three years will continue that positive trajectory. “We’re taking in a lot of comments on the role of biodiesel,” he says. “We’re taking a lot of comments in on these amounts and so we’re taking a very close look at those. And I can assure you, we’ve met with a number of stakeholders who have offered us a lot of new data and we believe that will be reflected in the final rule.”

Congressman David Scott, Ranking Member of the House Ag Committee asked Regan about the Administration’s commitment to biofuels. Regan says all forms of biofuels are part of a multi-pronged approach to energy independence and reduced emissions.  “It’s called walking and chewing gum at the same time,” he says.  “We see a tremendous market for biofuels that is complementary to the EV/Fuels future. And so we think that we can do both. We see a balance here and in both cases, we’re trying to follow the markets, follow technology, and follow the science as well.”

He says the EPA will continue to work closely with Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on the role of biofuels and sustainable aviation fuels. 

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