Equipment sellers remain optimistic

Farm equipment dealers and distributors are encouraged by some signs in the market.

Ben Croson

Ben Croson with Ford Distributing in Columbus, Ohio tells Brownfield new machinery is selling, but some categories of buyers are buying more. “We are seeing a little uptick in some of the smaller equipment, and the larger equipment kind of depends on where you’re at. There are some guys starting to spend some money but there’s still plenty that are hesitant to do anything until they kind of see how things turn around here.”

Croson says farmers not impacted by catastrophic flooding might make a move on new equipment. “The devastations they’ve had out in Nebraska and everywhere, that’s going to change some of the market as well so a better market for some of the other people might help them be more confident in what they can get come this fall for prices.

Ron Zygarlicke

Ron Zygarlicke with H&S Manufacturing in Marshfield, Wisconsin says sales have been steady, but manure spreaders have been selling very well. Zygarlicke says he’s seeing stronger sales in two other sectors. “We’re seeing a lot of the custom harvestors making some big purchases. I’ve been at some of the shows where they’re at and they seem to be still having the dollars to do it. The beef cattle market has been good as you know, and so hay rakes have been really, really strong for us also.”

Croson and Zygarlicke spoke to Brownfield at the WPS Farm Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Listen to them talk about new products and sales here:

Ron Zygarlicke:

Ben Croson:

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