EU might need more traditional biofuels to meet climate goals

A recent report by RaboResearch says the European Union might need more traditional biofuels to reach environmental goals if new technologies are slow to develop. 

The report says unforeseen events in the future could affect the projected development and uptake of new vehicle technologies and advanced biofuels, and because of that uncertainty, conventional biofuels could potentially play a more significant role in achieving the EU´s emissions reductions targets.

The report authored by Maria Afonso says the EU will need a multifaceted approach including traditional biofuels to reach its goals for decarbonizing transportation.  That approach will also include the use of renewable electricity, green hydrogen, and other advanced biofuels, but the RaboResearch report says there is great uncertainty about how fast these renewable technologies will take off on a large scale. 

RaboResearch says the EU’s regulations might ban the sale of internal combustion engine cars by 2035 and negatively impact the demand for fossil fuel and biofuel as early as 2025, with a bigger impact after 2030.

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