Fall soil sampling recommended

A soil nutrition specialist encourages growers to take soil samples this fall.

Carl Bruice with Wilbur-Ellis says testing is an effective way to monitor the chemical aspects of soil health.

“Taking out your shovel, digging in the soil, and seeing if it’s a good quality soil. Does it have a musty, earthy smell to it? That to me indicates a healthy soil.”

He tells Brownfield a soil test can dictate nutrient management for the upcoming growing season.

“(To see) if we need an application, and then if it’s limestone or perhaps gypsum, the amount of pH, fall is a great time to do that. As is building soil levels up for phosphorous and potassium, if needed.”

Bruice says understanding soil biology can help identify negative microbes that cause disease and plant damage, as well as beneficial microbes that stimulate plant growth and solubilize nutrients.

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