Farmer describes delayed impact of COVID on the farm

Southern Indiana farmer Ben Kron says he is starting to see the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on his farm.

“Last year it really didn’t impact us, but here this spring we’re starting to feel the effects of it from all the plants being shut down,” he says. “Most of the parts, if they don’t have them in stock, are 4-6 weeks out right now so the COVID effect is now hitting us.”

But, he tells Brownfield they have the parts they need to get started.  

“We were lucky enough to have enough stuff at our own place to be able to go and be able to find a shop here and there that had the one part we needed,” he says.

Kron says there were also logistical issues that caused seed to be delayed a few weeks ago. He grows corn and soybeans in Evansville.  

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