Farmer says diversifying domestic soybean market helps demand despite California’s EV mandate

A Northeast Nebraska farmer says California’s ban on gas-powered vehicle sales by 2035 could significantly reduce the demand for US soybeans. 

Greg Anderson, a Clean Fuels Alliance America board member, says California is the biggest customer of renewable diesel. “The solution is to really use a liquid fuel like renewable diesel and cut our emissions so that we can achieve that net zero carbon emissions goal.  We have that technology to do that right now without converting to EV. There will always be a place for EV.  I’m not going to bash electric vehicles.  They’ll have a place.”

He tells Brownfield a diverse export market is important, but it is also crucial to increase domestic demand for soybeans. “Crush them.  Use the meal to feed our domestic livestock.  Use the oil for food and fuel and that gives the most value back to the producer.”

For example, Anderson says three crushing facilities announced in Nebraska will use a one-third of the state’s production.

He spoke with Brownfield during 2022 Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, NE.

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