Farmers concerned about alfalfa and their bottom line

Most farmers are thinking about the same issues this spring: watching their spending and praying for their alfalfa to survive the winter. 

When polling farmers at the WPS Farm Show, Brownfield found more curiosity than commitment for new products.

When asked if he was looking or buying, Bob Gilson from Monticello, Wisconsin says, “Looking. Money’s tight right now.” Jim Dukelow from Abbotsford, Wisconsin agrees. “Looking. I’ve been kind of slow buying the last couple of years.”

When asked about possible late planting concerns, Gilson says, “It’s always a challenge. We’ll see.”

And for crops, one common concern came up every time: Alfalfa. Gary Mersberger raises cash crops near Hilbert, Wisconsin. he says, “We just hope we have alfalfa left from the ice. You know, you worry about the ice and frost and spring freezing and thawing.” It’s a concern shared by Jim Dukelow who along with his sons milk 400 cows near Abbotsford, Wisconsin. “We didn’t have a real big snow cover when the first cold spell come. After while, we had plenty of snow, but not early, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

As far as more corn or more beans, it depends on who you ask and if they plan to sell it or use the crop to feed their own herd.

Brownfield talked to farmers during the WPS Farm Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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