Forbes: tariffs are making it more difficult to feed the world

The agriculture industry is using technology and innovation to feed a growing population, but the leader of Forbes Media says there are barriers that need to be addressed.

Steve Forbes, the chairman and editor in chief of Forbes, says trade tariffs are making it more difficult to feed the world.

He says although there are trade abuses that need to be addressed, tariffs are doing more harm than good.

“Remove those barriers and we’ll all prosper and be more well fed than ever before,” he says.

Forbes says the way that the ag industry talks about technology must also change.

“Like artificial intelligence, which makes it sound like these machines are going to take us over and render us useless,” he says. “Like someone pointed out, we don’t refer to airplanes as artificial birds.”

He says removing these barriers will help feed the world.

  • Since when did it become America’s JOB to feed the World?!

    You cannot address trade imbalances without some form of penalty, so if not tariffs on a country’s products coming into our country, what can you do other than say, NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY…

    Sick of Ag’s whining – get behind President Trump’s policies and all of America will benefit!!

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