Global Dairy Trade index, cheddar prices down Tuesday

The Global Dairy Trade index fell seven-tenths of a percent in Tuesday’s trading session.

Slight gains in whole milk powder and lactose prices were offset by losses in skim milk powder, buttermilk powder, butter, anhydrous milk fat, and a big drop in cheddar cheese prices.

Whole milk powder was up 0.2% to $3,277 a metric ton or $1.48 per pound.

Lactose was up 0.3% to $1,112 per ton or $0.50 per pound.

Butter was down 0.3% to $4,899 per ton or $2.22 per pound.

Skim milk powder prices fell 1.1% to $2,739 a ton or $1.24 per pound.

Anhydrous milk fat was down 1.8% to $5,340 per ton or $2.42 per pound.

Buttermilk powder fell 4.5% to $2,521 per ton or $1.14 per pound.

Cheddar cheese prices dropped 10.2% to $4,509 per ton or $2.04 per pound.

Tuesday’s trading event had 152 bidders and moved 26,747 metric tons of dairy products.

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