Grassley not surprised by Fifth Circuit decision on small refinery waivers

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley suggests it’s no surprise the Fifth Circuit Court sided with oil refiners that appealed the EPA’s denial of small refinery exemptions.

The states in the Judicial District are Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

“Every state that produces a lot of oil and (are) very anti-ethanol.”

In their ruling last week, the Fifth Circuit Court said EPA’s rejection of the waiver requests was contrary to law and counter to the record evidence.

Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, tells Brownfield he applauds EPA for abiding by the Renewable Fuel Standard by denying the hardship waivers.

“They did the right thing, and that was kind of surprising because I don’t see the EPA doing the right thing an awful lot when it comes to ethanol.”

The court decision means refiners in that district can continue utilizing the SRE program.

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