Growth Energy working hard to get more ethanol into Mexico

Growth Energy hopes efforts to expand U.S. ethanol exports into Mexico eventually pay off. 

Senior vice president of global markets Craig Willis says Growth Energy has spent a lot of resources on Mexico.

“And personally, I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico.”

But so far, he tells Brownfield Mexico uses very little ethanol.

“And if they use ethanol throughout the country, it would be 1.2 billion gallons.”

He says that would be like adding an entire year to the books from an export perspective.

And Willis suggests ethanol has a strong economic case when compared to the common fuel used in Mexico.

“Today they use MTBE. And when we look at MTBE versus ethanol, over the last ten years ethanol has been 62 cents a gallon less expensive. So we think we have a big advantage there.”

Blends of up to 10 percent ethanol are legal in Mexico, but Willis says that could change after a Mexican Supreme Court ruled in January that the procedure to raise the blend from E5 was unconstitutional.  Growth Energy is working with government officials to keep E10 in place.

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