Henry Ford expanding soybean innovation exhibits

The Michigan Soybean Committee is partnering with the Henry Ford Museum to increase awareness of soybeans and related innovations this year.

Katlin Fusilier, an outreach specialist with Michigan Soybean, tells Brownfield the Detroit museum regularly features Henry Ford’s adoption of soybeans in manufacturing.  This collaboration will highlight new uses along with modern farming practices.

“So that consumers can really see how agriculture has evolved throughout the years,” she says.

Fusilier says more emphasis will be put on untold stories and ag research at Ford farms to enhance soybean production.  The museum will also follow soybean farmers throughout the growing season and incorporate them into summer camps with students.

“Learning what a modern farmer does every day,” she explains.  “It’s not necessarily what some students might picture as a farmer.”

Fusilier says the goal is to create an accurate history of agriculture, expand the museum’s archives, and increase outreach opportunities.

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