IL Congressman: Enough politics over budget; President signs stopgap

President Biden has signed a stopgap bill extending the deadline to fund USDA and several other agencies through March 8th.

Congressman Eric Sorenson of Illinois tells Brownfield it’s time to put politics aside…

“Does our Speaker of the House have good faith to be able to want that bipartisan path forward?”  He says, “One political party is not going to win just by bullying the other. We just need the Speaker of the House to throw politics aside and say, you know what, ‘we’re going to do what’s right for the people.’”

He says congressional leadership needs to focus less on political extremists…

“We know how to disarm a toddler who’s having a temper tantrum over in the corner.”  He says, “Don’t give them the attention that they don’t deserve, and they’re going to quiet down. That’s what we need to do today. We need to focus on the people in the middle that are really working across the aisle to bring solutions back home.”

The stopgap also includes funding for FDA, Energy, Military Construction, the Veterans Administration, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, and Environment.

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