Illinois farmer not happy with wheat yields

A southern Illinois farmer is not happy with winter wheat conditions but is continuing harvest to get double crop soybeans in the ground.

“Of course, our goal is to try and get the soybeans in as quick as possible. We have that insurance date coming up where we start losing 1% a day. So, we have the drill following us basically.”

Brownfield’s Rhiannon Branch rode along in his combine on their fifth day of harvest Friday, June 19th. He says he suspects the late -season frost in May caused some damage to the crop.

“It’s just not healthy. Plant health is not there and that is one of the main problems. We are seeing some dead heads and spots out in the field where there is just nothing.”

By Friday they had harvested half of their 1200 acres. Rose says the crop was around 25% moisture and yields were all over the board, mostly below average. 

Interview with Jared Rose

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