Illinois farmers facing legislative concerns

Members of the Illinois ag community have some legislative concerns about the state’s top industry.

Farm Bureau president and Ogle County farmer Brian Duncan tells Brownfield they’re watching several proposals closely…

“Illinois adopting California emission standards; allowing municipalities to reach out and place restrictions on crop protection products is one we’re going to be talking about,” he says, “cage free eggs; and animal housing. Certainly, we don’t want to go down the California prop 12 road.”

Kane County farmer Steve Pitstick, past president of the Illinois Soybean Association, says bills targeting herbicides and pesticides are especially concerning…

“Most everything that we use has been vetted out by the EPA, FDA, things like that.”  He says, “They’re approved practices that we do and now we’ve got a lot of people coming in and trying to ban those, but they’re all part of the system that we use to produce a viable crop every year.”

Farmers took their concerns directly to lawmakers during this week’s Illinois Agriculture Legislative Day at the state capitol. 

  • Concerning: ILLINOIS FARMERS FACING LEGISLATIVE CONCERNS – “people” trying to ban herbicides and pesticides
    – I think the farmers using some of these chemicals should take a close look at WHY there are “people” who don’t like these volatile chemicals that are drifting into their trees, yards, homes, lungs, brains …. Valid research studies going back 50 years have indicated serious problems with pesticides/herbicides that travel off-site.
    In Sept of 2023 a multi-university study definitively linked 2,4-D to Parkinson’s. (; Russ, Enders, Zbiegly, Potru, Wurm, Spittau).
    This is a horrible disease that NO ONE WOULD WISH ON THEIR FRIENDS, FAMILY, NEIGHBORS.
    Pet dogs are highly susceptible to 2,4-D poisoning. Hardwood trees wither and die after several years of 2,4-D vapor drift. Bee eggs & Mosquito larvae, Rainbow Trout, Bluegill are killed by off-site 2,4-D, – damaging the whole food chain.
    There are other herbicides available. It is not working to burn-down spray 90 million acres across the midwest on the same week with broad spectrum herbicides that vaporize and move into playgrounds, schools, homes, forests & lakes.

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