“Incredible window” allowing farmers to complete fall fieldwork

Mild weather across much of the Midwest is allowing farmers more time to complete fall fieldwork.

Stine Seed Company director of agronomy Tom Larson says most corn and soybean growers west of the Mississippi River have finished harvest and are working ground and applying fertilizer.

“Seeing it out my window this morning where now we’ve got this incredible window of great weather and I’m seeing some recreational tillage occurring because the thought process is ‘I can get out there and keep working the ground even though I’ve completed my fall tillage.”

He suggests that extra pass might not be necessary.

“But getting the anhydrous ammonia on will certainly take a lot of pressure off the ammonia applications for next spring.”

Larson suggests the situation is far different to the East where farmers are trying to catch up on harvest.

“I know that as of last week there still stood 50 percent of the soybean fields in Michigan to be harvested yet.”

He tells Brownfield there’s also a lot of corn left in Michigan, as well as Indiana and Ohio.

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