Lack of U.S. trade agreements concerning in time of opportunities

A member of the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) Board of Directors is concerned about the lack of new free trade agreements for the U.S.

Jim Reed, who grows corn and soybeans in central Illinois, says…

“We haven’t had any free trade agreements negotiated in many years.”  He says, “Some of our other competitors, Brazil, Argentina, China, they’re working on free trade agreements with countries.”

He tells Brownfield there are opportunities to grow demand for not only U.S. grain, but products as well…

“And now the demand for DDGS is huge.”  He says, “So, marketing those has become paramount to also marketing corn, as has marketing ethanol and access to markets in foreign countries, is a big part of the profitability picture for Illinois farmers.”

Reed says Japan creates demand opportunity for U.S. ethanol…

“There had been a tariff that the US only had access to 40% of that market and last year we got them to lift that to give us 100% access to that market.”  He says, “So now that we’ve got the ability to access it, we’re going to continue to work with developing the trade channels to get that product there and become a stronger player within that market.”

Reed and others with U.S. Grains Council plan to tour Japan this summer to further explore those market opportunities. 

AUDIO: Jim Reed – Piatt County, IL farmer & USGC Board member

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