Lead times for equipment improving despite transportation woes

A global equipment manufacturer says lead times for new equipment have been cut in half with improvements in the supply chain.

Daryl Theis, head of sales and marketing with CLAAS, tells Brownfield farmers could wait about a year for limited options. “We really can’t allow any changes in configuration of a machine nine months out from when it’s going to be produced because it’s taking us that long to find the components to make sure we have them procured, get them shipped into the factories and all of those elements.”

Speaking with Brownfield during the 2022 National Association of Farm Broadcasting, he says dealers have adequate supplies for 2023. “We’ve done a lot of things to improve the number of suppliers that we’re working with.  We’ve done a lot to stabilize the workforces in the factories.”

Theis says transportation costs are still high, but container shipments are taking 8 weeks, down from 12 weeks a year ago.

Daryl Theis, head of sales and marketing with CLAAS:

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