Manganese an important micronutrient for soybeans

An agronomist says as soybean farmers focus more on nutrient management, research is bringing the value of certain micronutrients to light.

Jon Zuk with Winfield United tells Brownfield manganese is important for photosynthesis and supplies nitrogen to the plant.

“Manganese is kind of the signaling nutrient for telling that soybean plant to coax the nitrogen (to) fix it.”

He tells Brownfield tissue sampling has allowed farmers to better optimize the performance of nutrients across every acre.

“We are starting to connect some of these relationships of what nutrients are doing in the plant, to there time point, and then how they connect to one another as well.”

Zuk says in some ways micronutrients have more of an impact on soybean yields than macronutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous.




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