Manure, not just a waste product


An agricultural consultant says manure is livestock farmers’ most valuable resource.

James DeYoung with CJD Farms Consulting in Michigan helps farmers develop Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans, or CNMPs, to properly utilize and manage nutrients.  He tells Brownfield farmers need to see manure not as a waste product, but as a nutrient resource.

“It’s no secret that manure has some great qualities to not only the nutrients, but also the organic matter potential.” He says, “There’s just something about manure, when you apply it on a field, crops just grow better.”

DeYoung tells Brownfield farmers need to use manure correctly, and plan for when and how much to apply.  He recommends manure incorporation or injection or the use of cover crops to trap and recycle nutrients in fields.

AUDIO: Interview with James DeYoung (10:26 mp3):


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