Minnesota farmer factors mild winter into cropping plans

A southcentral Minnesota farmer is factoring mild winter conditions into her plans for the upcoming growing season.

Rose Wendinger of St. James says it’s been warmer and drier than normal the past few months.

“We’re looking at all the research that we can for our region, where we’re planting, what our soil types are. We do a lot of deep research to make sure that we’re only going to be putting down for inputs as much as we need. Break-evens are very tight this year and we’re being very conscious of that.”

She tells Brownfield she’s “dialing in” on each corn and soybean field.

“Each farm is so different, and making sure that you understand what’s been put into that land and wanting a productive crop, but making sure that it’s still going to serve you in the tight margins that we have.”

Wendinger serves as secretary of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association and spoke to Brownfield during Commodity Classic earlier this month.

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