Mississippi River levels have improved, but concerns linger

A Midwest representative for the Waterways Council says Mississippi River levels have improved greatly over the winter but continued moisture will be needed to maintain those levels.

Paul Rhode tells Brownfield the amount of snowpack is a concern because northern states are having a mild winter.

“That’s an issue for sure, not just how much but at what level does it melt? We’ve been in a drought for so long, where is the water going to go, is it going to seep into the soil instead of getting to the river?”

The U.S. supply chain hasn’t been operating at full capacity this export season due to the low river levels and Rhode says even if a farmer’s grain isn’t moved by barge, they’ve been affected.

You’re still paying for it through the transportation costs. The rates of rail are direct impacts to the availability of barges. Water compelled rates impact other modes of surface transportation.”

Rhode gave an update on the Mississippi River to many organizations during the Commodity Classic.

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