MO farmer patient to plant

An east-central Missouri farmer says this spring has been deceiving. Josh Johnson tells Brownfield it looked like he was going to be planting early this year…

“It turned really cool in April and not a lot of moisture, but enough to keep us out of the field,” he said. “We’ve done a little bit of spraying but we haven’t planted anything yet.”

The Montgomery County farmer said he’s not concerned with late planting pointing to some of his best years from late planted crops, but…

“As soon as the ground is drying enough to roll, despite any temperature or any forecast, we’ll be planting,” Johnson said. “When you get into May, you can’t wait for an ideal window if you’re trying to not plant just ahead of a rain or something like that. At this point, we’ll go as hard as we can as soon as we can.”

Johnson plants a rotation of corn and soybeans and said that isn’t changing this year.

Josh Johnson Interview

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