Modern seed genetics help farmers succeed

A seed breeder and supplier says modern genetics are playing a key role in corn success this year. 

Alex Renk with Renk Seeds says a dry growing season used to mean huge yield losses, like what happened in 1988 and 2012, but Renk says genetic advancements in corn continue to improve the crops. “There was probably an 80-bushel difference between those two years just in genetic advancement. You’re seeing a lot of good stuff happening.”

And Renk tells Brownfield modern genetics take advantage of the moisture and soil conditions they get and don’t need as much as they used to to get going.  He says 2021 would be a lot harder on yields with the old 1988 technology.

Looking ahead to 2022, Renk expects farmers will again lean towards drought-tolerant varieties. “Drought guards in our lineup have been the rock stars and not necessarily on the drought side, but it’s a combination of, again, that genetics (package) handles stresses really well.”

Alex Renk spoke to Brownfield during Renk Seed Day near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

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