More votes needed for whole milk in schools bill

The dairy industry is making a last-minute push to get more support for the Whole Milk for Healthy Kids bill in the U.S. House.

Laurie Fischer with the American Dairy Coalition tells Brownfield House Ag Chair Glenn GT Thompson has been putting a lot of effort into the bill, which would reverse the school dietary guidelines from the Obama administration and allow whole and 2% milk back into school meal programs.  Fischer says farmers and allied industry leaders should call and email their representatives now, since a vote could happen as early as Wednesday. “Reach out to your legislators and talk to their offices. You can call them. You can email them. If you go to their website, there is a place where you can email them or call them and tell them how important it is that they vote in support.”

Fischer says right now, there are not enough votes to make the whole milk bill pass. “Currently, I believe that we have about 135 bipartisan co-sponsors, and these co-sponsors are from 44 different states. One hundred thirty five isn’t enough to get this passed. We need 218 votes.”

The bill. HR1147, has three amendments ruled “in order” for floor debate, including Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany’s amendment that would prevent USDA from banning chocolate and other flavored milks.  The other amendments would permit organic or non-organic milk and prohibit Chinese state-owned entities from participating in the school meal programs.

AUDIO: Laurie Fischer from the American Dairy Coalition talks about the push to get more support for the Whole Milk for Healthy Kids bill.

  • Whole milk, Type A1/A2 has been shown to be inflamatory. However, type A2 milk is much healthier.
    Congress and the American Dairy Coalition wouldvdo well to transition the school milk supply to type A2; and the nation as well. This would improve support for whole milk in school and for milk and dairy nationwide.

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